DSC09334The Turtle Creek Borough Municipal Building is located at 125 Monroeville Avenue, Turtle Creek, PA 15145-1898 – (412) 824-2500.  Office hours are from 8am – 4pm, Monday through Friday.

The Municipal Building houses the Office of the Mayor, Kelley Kelley, Council Chambers, the Police Department and the Fire Department.

Turtle Creek Borough is a member of the Turtle Creek Valley Council of Governments.  For more additional data on the Borough of Turtle Creek, click Allegheny County Community Profile of Turtle Creek. Turtle Creek is located in the 14th Congressional District.

For information on upcoming meetings and events in Turtle Creek please go to the Events tab to view the Turtle Creek calendar.

Turtle Creek Borough Administration Team

Borough Administrator
Julie Pantalone

Borough Secretary
Brenda Bianchi

Tax Collector
Richard Smith