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The Turtle Creek Development Corporation (TCDC) is committed to revitalizing and sustaining Turtle Creek as a livable community. TCDC is an all volunteer organization. In addition to a variety of activities geared to improving the quality of life for the residents, TCDC takes a lead role in housing rehabilitation, home ownership opportunities and workforce development through a partnership with the Mon Valley Initiative.


A Place Where Words Become Actions….
TCDC monthly meetings provide an open environment for discussing the challenges and opportunities facing our community. Together, TCDC harnesses the energy needed to effective positive change in Turtle Creek.

TCDC has …

  • Purchased, renovated and maintain the Grant Street and D’Amico Apartment
  •  Finished several houses as part of the MVI Rehab for Resale Program
  •  Produces The Turtle Creeker, the only Turtle Creek newsletter Planted the Thompson
  • Street Garden (see link to the Spring14TCDNewsletter below.)
  •  Increase property values through beautification and real estate program

The Turtle Creek Development Corporation (TCDC) has an exciting opportunity to assist homeowners in Turtle Creek with exterior home improvement projects that will boost the curb appeal of their home.  TCDC is accepting applications for exterior home improvements projects from current Turtle Creek homeowners/renters to receive up to 50% (of a maximum of $150.)

“The National Association of Realtors reports that curb appeal sell 40% of all houses.” To see whether or not you qualify for this grant, please download application (see Mini-Matching Grant link below.)  If you are unable to download and print the Mini-Matching grant application and deliver or mail to the Mayor’s office, Borough of Turtle, PA.

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Turtle Creek Curb Appear Mini-Matching Grant
Turtle Creek Curb Appeal Application


TCDC members and MVI Outreach Staff at 1318 Center Street, 2015 MVI Rehab.